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The process of selling/consigning begins with an evaluation of the artwork you would like to sell.


There are 4 ways we can evaluate your artwork and provide estimates:

1.  Call us at 203-689-5062 to talk about your pieces.

2.  Our gallery is open on Wednesdays from 10am to 1pm for free evaluations of up to five items of fine artwork. Additionally, we can come to you when there is an entire estate, many items or large items to evaluate. Private estimates can be arranged by calling our offices at (203) 689-5062. We can also arrange for written, professional appraisals.

3.  Email us the following information to help us give you a better estimate:

        a.  Name of artist and location of signature and/or dates

        b.  Medium (e.g., oil on canvas, oil on panel, watercolor, etching, etc.)

        c.  Dimensions of the artwork (not including the frame)

        d.  Any information about when, where and how you acquired the piece

        e.  Photos of the front, back, signatures and monograms

4.  Fill out and submit the form below and email photos.

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